A former Division I Athlete, Fitness Model, Competitive Bodybuilder, and most importantly, a hungry student of human optimization

is the CEO and Founder of Filtered Formulas.

As a soccer player and bodybuilder, Neal realized the raw potential of supplementation and nutrition. He studied and experimented with any and every supplement until he was able to exponentially enhance his own athletic performance. After he watched the movie Limitless, nothing was the same.

He immediately began researching everything he could about the cognitive enhancements featured in the movie and was inspired. He realized that supplementation, nutrition, and even holistic approaches to hacking the biology of the human could contribute to the advancement of society. He hasn’t stopped learning and sharing since.


From the application of his biohacking and self-improvement methods to his bodybuilding, martial arts, soccer, and entrepreneurship, Neal has founded Filtered Formulas, ended in magazines, and on billboards, and has made it his life purpose to be the #1 Performance Coach in the world!